The Story

The Creator

The story began when onpoint staffing was founded by Diamond Fares who launched a new style of online part-time staffing in the Middle East, aiming to connect onpoint part-timers with hirers. Specialized in leisure, hospitality, and entertainment.

Diamond says: “onpoint was born out of personal experiences…

What I went through helped me understand the market needs; the rates and concerns of both the clients and part-timers which gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and create something that will help companies have access to an unlimited number of part-timers in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. As for the part-timers we opened the door to a lot of opportunities and money-making chances. People (companies and part-timers) deserve onpoint opportunities.”

To the Point

We aim to connect companies with part-timers through our onpoint staffing portal which is a very user-friendly and efficient search engine to give onpoint family (companies and part-timers) an amazing online journey.

Diamond added: "I want to make a change for a better tomorrow.
Helping companies go directly to the source to find the right people for events, exhibitions, activations and more...